What does Technosoft Systems do ?

We are independent software developers who create software and systems in direct response to specific customer requirements.  Most of our commissions fall into one of two categories; either software for embedded microprocessors or PC based applications, quite often both within one project.

Who do we do it for ?

Our client base consists mainly of small and medium size companies who either cannot justify the cost of an in-house software department or who need additional programming skills on a variable basis.

What market sectors do we service ?

Our primary focus is towards the technical, industrial and manufacturing sectors where we have developed systems for, amongst others, the water, tobacco processing and newspaper industries.

What sort of applications do we get involved with ?

Applications have included a data collection system for corrosion monitoring; water treatment plant control systems; tobacco processing machinery control systems; protocol converters; a system to capture, analyse and display meteorological data; a printing plate making control system for a national newspaper; SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) systems.

What can we do for you ?  Let us know your requirements now.


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