About Us

How long has Technosoft Systems been in business ?

We started trading in early 1987, becoming incorporated in 1989.

So they've got a lot of software development experience then ?

Yes - in fact, our longest serving member of staff has been developing software since the mid 1970s, that's well over a quarter of a century of experience !

What sort of processors do Technosoft Systems work with ?

We are happy to utilise whatever processor the client wishes to design into his product.  

Recent projects have included :

  • Intel 8051 family and many of its variants
  • Atmel AVR
  • Hitachi H8
  • Arizona Microchip PIC
  • Zilog Z80 and variants eg HD64180
  • IBM compatible PC - both 'desktop' and embedded

So what about development languages ?

Again, whilst we have our own preferences, we will comply with any specific requests made by our clients.

Our current skill set includes:

  • Assembler - for most currently available processors
  • C / C++
  • Delphi
  • Pascal
  • Visual Basic

What can Technosoft Systems do for my business ?

Now would be a good time to visit our Case Studies page where you can learn about some of the projects we have already undertaken for clients.

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